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Strictly Reggae Promo
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Strictly Reggae Promo

Strictly Reggae Promo

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Off The Wall Clip

Off The Wall Clip

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Librareggae - It's You (Official Lyrics)

Librareggae - It's You (Official Lyrics)

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Librareggae - Believer (Official Video)

Librareggae - Believer (Official Video)

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Maz Hack aka Librareggae is an independent british-born musical artist hailing from the UK. His family's roots are caribbean, namely Guyana and Montserrat.

Influenced by reggae and other genres from a young age, he started out playing drums for a number of bands then taught himself to sing, write and play other instruments. This motivated him to set up 'Maztek Productions', the studio where he creates music.


In November 2022 he released his first single 'Christmas Time'. January 2023 saw the release of  'It's You'. He also released 3 albums in succession: 'Chapter 1' in Feb, 'Glory' in June and 'Chapter 2' in August.

Alongside his own work he has an 80 minute 'Covers Show' of classics which he uses to showcase his talent. Clips from this will be found on his socials.

So, if you’re looking for a reggae act who will engage and deliver, look no further.


No gigs booked for 2023.

Concert Crowd
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Solo Covers Act

{Corporate, Public or Private}

AVAILABILITY (fri,sat,sun)

Bookable Timeframes:

1 x 40 mins


2 x 40 mins

Expect to hear classics like: Get Ready, Off The Wall, Walking On The Moon, Silly Games, Help Me Make It, Everything I Own, Monkey Man, Red Red Wine, all given a unique reggae twist.


£neg *

*Quotes may factor:

{Location, P.A. Hire, Overnight stay}

For enquiries, click on CONTACT.

Contact Maz

For bookings, enquiries or to join the mailing list, please use this form and i will reply as soon as possible. Many thanks.

07794 575668

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